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vagina Clitoridectomy
The Facts About a Clitoridectomy

A clitoridectomy, also known as clitoridectomy surgery, is the surgical elimination, removal, or partial deletion of the clitoris, also known as the glans clitoris or the clitoral hood. Like most surgical procedures, there are risks and complications of a clitoridectomy operation. When performed correctly, the results of a clitoridectomy surgery are often permanent. As with

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Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin restoration is essentially the procedure of stretching the erectile tissue on the penis in order to fully restore an erectile organ like the foreskin which was surgically removed either through injury or circumcision. Once foreskin restoration surgery is conducted on a male then foreskin is restored to a form that resembles the pre-circumcision organ.

vaginal reconstruction poster
Vagina Reconstruction Procedures

To explore the feasibility of vagina reconstruction with a free vaginal flap. Methods: Vagina flaps can be constructed using three methods. The first two procedures involved the creation of a flaps through surgicalization of vaginal skin grafts. The third method requires no incisions but still involves some scarring because it requires the creation of a