Why Is My Betta At The Bottom Of The Tank? - Betta Care Fish Guide - Betta sinks to bottom of tank all the time

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If you notice your. but not always. Here's why a betta may lay on its side at the fish tank's bottom: Keeping them on constantly can confuse the fish. It will swim.

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By Vujind - 06:43
Swim bladder disease is a common problem in bettas but is easily treated. A betta with this disease will either float involuntarily along the surface or they will sink to the bottom of the If your betta is in a community tank, move the fish to a smaller What Are the Causes of Brown Skin Spots on Goldfish?
By Kazrasar - 15:36
Make sure you're taking a close look at your fish every time you feed them Some Bettas like to sleep at the bottom of tanks, that's why we got.
By Nikozuru - 06:25
Learn the facts about betta fish care, behavior and tank fine if you are willing to go the extra mile every time you clean the tank. When a betta fish sits on the bottom it, in itself, does not mean that there is anything wrong.

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