Peeing during sex: Causes, treatment, and prevention - Can a girl pee during sex

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Some women who worry that they're peeing during sex may not really be urinating, however. Instead they may be experiencing female. It is possible for women to urinate during sex. During sex, pressure can be put on the bladder by the penis, fingers, or another object.

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By Mikakora - 05:13
Female ejaculation is when a woman's urethra expels fluid during orgasm or sexual of fluid from a female's urethra during orgasm or sexual arousal. They argue that ejaculate usually contains urine, which can kill sperm.
By Torisar - 23:13
'It can be completely normal to feel the urge to pee during sexual intercourse. In fact around 60 per cent of women feel the urge to pee during.
By Fenrikora - 22:21
This happens to a lot of women (so, yes, it is possible). I find it hard to believe a foreign object can sit inside me for five years and not do some.

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