Foreskin Definition

Facts and Myths

An intact foreskin definition is a medical term meaning that the foreskin or tip of the penis is not attached to the glans. Some people call it prepubic, but that really depends on how you want to look at it. The medical term is referred to as “male prepubic foreskin.”

The prepubic foreskin is the most outer surface of the penis that is exposed to sexual stimulation.

The foreskin definition has been in use since at least 1849, when a surgical method called “cauterization” was introduced. It is this process that has caused problems for men over the centuries. This method allowed surgeons to make the penis more narrow by cutting off the very tip of the foreskin. This act allowed them to create a tighter grip on the shaft and reduce the amount of sensitivity that was present in the penis. Since then, surgeons have used these same surgical techniques over again. Resulting in men who are significantly less sensitive in the area around the head of the penis.

The foreskin definition does not refer to the lack of a foreskin. But rather to the way that men are made to wear tight clothing. Most men do not like the way that their underwear is cut so they need to have a tighter fit. The tightness can be achieved by taking away the elasticity found in the skin around the head of the penis. This is called “caving in.” Today’s underwear market is not designed to support the shape and sensitivity of a man’s foreskin. If a man does not want to conform to the narrow shape of his underwear, he can choose a type that is more supportive for his body.