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Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin restoration is essentially the procedure of stretching the erectile tissue on the penis in order to fully restore an erectile organ like the foreskin which was surgically removed either through injury or circumcision. Once foreskin restoration surgery is conducted on a male then foreskin is restored to a form that resembles the pre-circumcision organ. This is one of the most commonly undertaken surgeries to re-attach an organ since it is the most vulnerable to damage from disease, childbirth, and even excessive masturbation. Restoration also creates a very convincing facsimile of an erect penis, although in truth, most of the tissue lost during the operation cannot be regenerated.

Surgical techniques for foreskin restoration have come a long way

Today, there are many different techniques available, ranging from using a skin grafting technique where fat from another part of the body is used to cover and protect the exposed tissue; these methods are only used for reconstructive purposes and do not replace foreskin completely. Other techniques used for restoring the foreskin include stretching and gliding techniques, as well as using a collection of skin grafting tissue from other parts of the body.

One of the most fascinating aspects of foreskin restoration today is the use of creams that are used to help achieve the results from the operation. These creams were traditionally used to treat a variety of ailments in ancient times including genital warts, bacterial infections, and skin disorders. In addition, they were used as pessaries which are ingested orally in order to help with the healing process. Modern medical genitalia research has shown that the ancient Jews also used these creams both before and after their Circumcision and were found to have very positive results. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume that the ancient people’s knowledge of skin disorders and how to treat them may have been passed down to modern doctors today.

Often mistaken for classic foreskin removal

Many people mistakenly believe that foreskin restoration only involves surgically removing the excess skin from around the penises. This is untrue however as skin creams and other products have been developed that can significantly reduce the appearance of penile skin flaps and can also help to increase sexual stimulation and stamina. In fact, some doctors and researchers have even discovered that by applying the cream to the glans prior to sexual intercourse can actually increase the size of the man’s penis. If this is true, then it could mean that glans stretching is an effective methods of penile enlargement.

It requires a sophisticated surgery

One of the major problems faced by many today is that they do not understand or believe that foreskin restoration is an operation that requires extensive surgery. Many think that the only way they will ever regain their original manhood is through surgically eliminating the foreskin. The truth is that modern doctors and specialists have developed non-surgical methods for almost every aspect of the human body. Therefore, the fact that a small section of the body needs to be surgically removed in order to gain a sense of happiness or even a sense of pride is simply a historical artifact of a bygone era. Moreover, the vast majority of men who are uncircumcised are perfectly happy with their status and are not looking for any type of gender medical intervention.


There are a few things that people should keep in mind if they are considering foreskin restoration surgery. First, any kind of elective surgery should always be recommended by your family doctor and you should never assume to know more than what your doctor has told you.

Second, many different techniques for penis enhancement can be performed without surgery.

Third, you should always be extremely careful of potential cosmetic surgeries involving the skin stretching of the glans as these techniques are extremely painful and often lead to further complications or even injury of the penis. Finally, you should realize that the cosmetic penis enhancement techniques are not permanent but require weeks of recovery time and may not always result in an increase in size of the organ. As always, it is important to understand that if you are contemplating foreskin restoration that you should consult with your doctor to determine the risks involved and then proceed at your own personal pace.